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NEW Beginnings for the new year!

Spring classes for Juniors will be broken up differently than fall. Our goal will be to encourage those who are planning on participating in the Juniors Tournament at NB 500 or other tournaments, while still having speaking activities for non-competitors.

Parents may choose EITHER Debate class or the Speech class which will run concurrently.

  1. Debate

    • Our Juniors Captain, Makana Mikol, will plan 6 weeks of classes based on the Juniors resolution (confirmed by January).  Students are required to be able to read and write. Recommended for ages 9+.

  2. Speech

    • Class will have brief teaching at the beginning of class showing the step by step process of writing a speech.  (Handouts will be available via weekly newsletter for parents to print at home as desired.)

    • Narration - Open Speech cold reading students may read a story to the class which a volunteer from the Juniors class will then retell to the class.  This will encourage attentive listening. :)

    • Opportunities for students who have a speech to practice and receive feedback before the tournament.

    • Speech Games​

No reading or writing is required for speech class.

Juniors may participate in classes regardless of whether or not they plan to compete in tournaments.  :)